How we create the perfect web application for you


We listen to you

Our CEO Andrew Sittermann will do a call or a workshop with you to discuss your project. The main things we’ll discuss are:

  • What should the application do and/or what problem it will solve?
  • Where is the project now?
    • Have you already got a list of features/user stories, and/or a UX-design, or should we help you develop one or both of these?
    • Will the application we are building replace something which is already there?
    • Is there a similar (or competitor) application which we need to regard?
  • Will we be working on our own, or with other team members within your company or third parties (e.g. Designers)
  • Who is going to be the primary contact for the project on your side?
  • What are the constraints on time and budget which we need to consider?
  • Do you have specific requirements to the technology to be used?

Clarifying what we are going to build and in what order

If required, we can help you write the list of features/user stories. We can also create a UX-design or work with you or a 3rd party to produce one.

Working together with you, we’ll prioritize the list of features/user stories and estimate how long it will take to complete them.


Development and continuous testing in “sprints”

We do development according to the “agile” workflow, using sprints lasting between two and four weeks. At the beginning of each sprint, we agree with you what will be delivered by that sprint.

At the end of each sprint, we will do an online demo of what the team has built. This gives you a clear view of the progress the team is making.

In the sprint demo, you have the opportunity to propose improvements to what has already been built, and we will agree with you what will be built in the next sprint.


The sprint may also include preparatory work of the next sprint, e.g. developing the UX- design, graphic design, API descriptions, for projects where this has not been completed before project start.

For most projects, we will create a suite of automated test cases using Selenium. In addition to testing features in the current sprint, Our test team will create automated test cases according to the acceptance criteria for each feature/user story completed in the previous sprint.


Acceptance and Delivery

When the final sprint has completed, we will conduct a full acceptance with you, where we will demonstrate that the entire application works as designed.

Following that, we will deliver you

  • Installer file(s) for the application
  • A document describing how the application should be installed
  • fully documented source code

Long term management

If you’d like us to manage an application we’ve built for you, we can offer a care package with any combination of

  • Hosting
  • Monitoring
  • Super-fast support in case of bugs or malfunctions
  • A helpdesk for your staff
  • Third line support
  • Regular updates e.g. if required because of new browser versions, security issues with components
  • Regular feature improvements