Campaign Creator

Business Application


Project details

Our customer was a vendor of network equipment for mobile operators. They produced a very powerful tariffing engine which allowed the mobile operator to set up “marketing campaigns” which they would make available to their customers. The manual setup was complex and required a lot of specialist knowledge

They asked us to build a prototype application which would allow mobile operator employees to set up campaigns using a simple wizard

Our application allowed them to

  • Set up the “marketing campaigns” in a wizard
  • Reconfigure the wizard itself using a wizard builder
  • Create and download XML files created after completion of the wizard which could then be loaded into their tariffing engine

Our prototype influenced the new front-end built internally by the customer in Java.

Five members of our team worked embedded in the customer’s development team on on the Java front-end as well as creating several further tools used in the process.


  • ASP.NET / C#
  • HTML / CSS
  • Javascript
  • PostgreSQL