Consumer Application


Project details

TravelWithMe was an internal project. It was designed for backpackers to plan multi-city trips. The initial version was launched as a Google Wave app. Google was impressed enough to give us a booth at the Google Developer conference (Google I/O) in San Francisco in 2010 to showcase the app.

Our application allowed their customers to

  • Create a trip, specifying the places they planned to visit
  • Invite google wave users to join the trip (to advise them or travel with them)
  • Search for things to do, hotels or hostels
  • Chat within the application

After Google closed down Google Wave, we rebuilt the application both as a facebook app and to run on our website

Sadly, we had no marketing resources and the application was not a commercial success and is no longer live.


  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Javascript
  • Google Wave Federation Protocol
  • Node.js
  • Facebook API
  • Google Maps and Streetview APIs
  • API
  • API