A boat rental marketplace



Project details

Check out the site here: http://wavy.de

Our customer is a startup, with an awesome idea: a boat-rental marketplace where boat owners can rent their boats to other sailors, basically a kind of AirBnB® for yachts.

They came to us with a rough list of features and a logo. We designed and built the entire project for them.

The application includes the following features

  • Sign-up via Facebook and email
  • Search and filtering with google-map
  • Creation and edition of personal profile
  • Creation and editing of boat descriptions
  • Boat availability management with calendar
  • Favourites list
  • Real-time chat
  • Reviews
  • “recommend a friend” Vouchers
  • payment integration with Mangopay
  • multilingual
  • SEO
  • secure document storage in Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • sophisticated Admin area
  • integrated mini-CMS
  • fully optimised for mobile and desktop browsers

The application is integrated with the following 3rd party services:

  • payment integration with Mangopay
  • Google location and Google map
  • Facebook for sign-up and log-in
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) for photo and secure document storage
  • Mailgun for sending emails


A Marketplace is an application which typically has two kinds of users, “sellers” and “buyers”. In Wavy’s case, the “sellers” are boat-owners, who can rent their boats out. The “buyers” are people who don’t own their own boat and just need a boat for a day or two’s sailing. The Marketplace helps both sides find an ideal partner, set up the transaction, handles payments (including deposits), and allows them to write a review of each other at the end.

We gave the guys from Wavy a great price, with the condition that we’re allowed to re-sell the software for any other marketplace (as long it does not compete in any way with Wavy). If you are looking to create a really great marketplace, we can build something that exactly meets your needs, and re-use a lot of the features we’ve built already. Contact us now!


  • AngularJS
  • Go (Golang)
  • NodeJS
  • PostgreSQL
  • HTML5
  • CSS3 with SCSS