Some of the technologies we work with:

We love to make web apps do the great things that HTML5 and CSS3 now allow, but we take care to use only those features supported by all major browsers.

JS is a core web technology, which adds dynamic client-side behavior to the web pages.  Our front-end and server-side developers breathe JavaScript.

sass (1)

Powerful CSS extension language, with various built in features. Really cool applications need complex CSS and Sass allows our developers to keep it clean and easily maintainable.

less (1)

Less makes writing CSS real fun. Using variables, functions and other Less techniques our front-end developers can build complex CSS really fast.

We love making web-applications for mobile devices and employ Bootstrap to make responsive, mobile-first web applications.


Angular is developed by Google and lets us build sophisticated applications. We use Angular 6/7 for all new projects unless requested by customers


Knockout is a JavaScript library, that simplifies UI development. It allows  us to build responsive and complex user-interfaces speedily.

We use JQuery in most applications we create. It has wide variety of features for HTML and data manipulation, event handling and animation.

We use the Microsoft framework together with C# to build most of the business applications we build.

Many of our developers have a java background. We worked with Nokia Siemens Networks on a large java project.


Go is an open source programming language developed by Google that makes it easy to build reliable, high-performance software.

Like Node.js, SignalR allows us to push an update to the browser. We’ve used it extensively in business applications we’ve built.

PHP is one of the most common web development technologies. It allows you to create fast, scalable applications which can be run on different platforms.


We’ve built lots of business applications on SQL Server as well as smaller applications designed to run on the free Express edition.


We recommend the great open-source database PostgreSQL for most applications.


Despite our preference for PostgreSQL, MySQL is a great database. We will develop your application on it, if required.

We love to work with documents, especially PDFs. We’ve built applications to create PDFs as well as extracting data from them

XML is another speciality of ours. Among other things, we built a web application to compare and edit hundreds of XML documents.


Selenium is the leading open source testing framework around today and our test teams make extensive use of it in testing applications we build